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It all starts with a brilliant book

Building your career as an author takes more than talent, you need the right tools and knowledge of the craft. You need to write books that people want to read.

There are no short cuts, but you can get yourself off to a great start by working with NYN.


It's natural once you've finished drafting your book to start looking towards publishing. But rushing can lead to putting an unpolished manuscript out there, poor sales, emotional burn out, crippling self-doubt and sometimes giving up writing altogether. 

As a traditionally published author, writing coach and editor I've seen it all and experienced much of it. I put my fifteen plus years of copy writing, decade of mentoring and numerous teaching and editing qualifications into all of my packages and courses to help you become a credible, published author, with a book that readers will love. 

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Writers come to me to learn how to craft a beautiful novel

They leave confident & resilient, I help them tap into what was already there. 

The joy of finishing your novel, after many weeks and months of writing, is an incredible feeling. And it's natural to be keen-beans to start submissions or hit that publish button, because you have reached a major milestone that lots of people never do!

Take a moment and celebrate!

You 100% deserve it. But then pause. It's so tempting to keep going, as if that is the end of the journey. 

Or perhaps, like me in the past, you've got a bit stuck. You don't know what to do to make your book better. Maybe you've gone through submissions and had rejection after rejection and don't know why. Or you've published your book only for it to sit there on Amazon with a lukewarm reception, those reviews are not quite what you wanted.

Through my editing packages, courses and masterclasses, I help you learn what it takes to become an author and write brilliant books that your readers will love. The tools of the trade, the expectations of the industry, how to keep your confidence high and remain resilient. 

We work together for as long as you need, on the bits you need support with. Until you have a manuscript you are proud of, that is ready for submissions or publishing, and you are in the right mindset to become an author. 

I'm ready to go!

not quite ready?

And it doesn't stop there

Nurture Your Novel is part of a network of experienced, highly qualified industry specialists and can connect you with publishers, publicity and marketing experts, designers, trailer makers, and beta readers. 

My Business Ethics and Values
  • Inclusive: We make becoming an author accessible for all, specialising supporting neurodivergent clients

  • Quality: We continue our professional development to maintain the very highest standards

  • Network: We can introduce you to other experts and other authors

  • Positive: It's all about building you up and supporting you to be the best writer you can be

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