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Mission Statement

My books are so closely linked with me. It’s not just that I write from experience or things I know about. It is more that I write about things I care about.

There are topics, particularly in women’s lives, that we don’t talk about enough. Family life. Depression. Identity. Neurodivergence. Being a mother. Being a wife. Being ourselves.


That it is okay to take a while to work out who we are. That it is okay to desperately want children - or not.

Sexuality. Self-image. Coping strategies, both healthy and otherwise. Suicide. How we dress. Ageing. Periods. There is so much that we don’t talk about enough. And I believe that is really damaging to women and our relationships.

I want my books to start conversations we need to have about topics that aren't given enough air. With ourselves, our friends, our partners, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, fathers, uncles, cousins…

I want these things to be normalised. Not the societal strictures and limitations that are our current barometer of what is normal and what isn’t.


Available to buy through Amazon and Waterstones.

Waiting for the Winds to Change

Claire's debut novel was released in February 2022 by CAAB Publishing Ltd. 

Tackling topical issues such as coercive control and emotional abuse, this book is a face-paced psychological fiction that will have you turning the pages right to the end. 

Her life is pampered, quiet…suffocating. 

Home is both sanctuary and prison to loyal Emeline, as she tries to fill the void her mother left when she walked out fifteen years before.

Trailer for Waiting for the Winds to Change

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