1-1 Coaching

Coaching is a powerful way to make huge amounts of progress with your work in progress or author career. It is entirely personalised and unlike mentoring, is led by you.  NYN provides the platform and guidance to support your discovery. 

The ideal way to work is to meet on a weekly basis, but this can be adjusted if you want to meet more or less often. We meet for 90 minutes at a time, I find this is the optimal length of a coaching session for authors. We are very creative beings and there is often a lot to get through.

Some of my clients want to work on a specific skill they want to develop. Others need this focus time to help them brainstorm ideas. Others have confidence issues or hidden blockers that are stopping them from progressing. 

I am a trained coach and mentor, having coached project managers for sixteen years in the charity sector. I use all of my training and knowledge of writing and editing books to support my clients' growth. 

What NYN can help you with...

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Author tools and novel structure

There are so many options for making your author life easier, more organised, but with the freedom to get into flow.

Tools include:

  • Writing walls

  • Project management tools

  • Planning 

  • Plot beats

  • Taglines

  • Blurb writing tactics

  • Brainstorming

Improving Writing

We never stop learning to be a better writer. Whether you're a newbie or more seasoned, we can help you delve into your strengths and weaknesses, and pull out a better version.

We can look at things like...

  • POV, head hopping, close vs distant

  • Tense

  • Author voice

  • When to Show and Tell

  • Dialogue

  • Characterisation

  • Purpose and agency

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Goal Setting
& Journey

We need meaningful goals to help bring focus and energy to our work. Without them, we are just drifting from one idea to the next. 

We can look at...

  • Pre-session questionnaires so I can understand your goals

  • Understanding destination vs journey

  • How you like to work 

  • What your blockers are


To be an author takes huge amounts of resilience. It is the number one obstacle for most newbies moving into becoming a career author. 

You can learn to become more resilient. To rejection. To burn out. To losing your creative spark. NYN provides a safe environment to build resilience through providing tools, looking at realistic deadlines, providing project management approaches and mindset adjustment. 

Don't see what you need?

Book a free call to discuss what you need and if NYN can help you. We only work with authors who are a good fit and where we share similar values. Coaching is based on trust and openness, so it is important that we all feel good about working together.



A standard month's coaching subscription is £590...

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