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My Writing Journey

Updated: Feb 23

It all begins with an idea.

Over the years I’ve had plenty of book ideas. Two of them even made it to being written - partially. But I found in those early days that I couldn’t work out how to get through, what I affectionately (now) call, the ‘sticky middle’.

I’d get lost in my own story and not know how to get things moving forwards again. Then my scattered, Asperger-like brain would insist I found some other project to dedicate my attention to.

But in 2020, I found the answer. I signed up to a writing bootcamp where I finally discovered there are techniques and approaches to help writers plan, stay motivated, check the flow and pace of the story and overcome the issues I’d found insurmountable in the past. Who’d have thought it!?

I loved it.

It was brilliant for two reasons, the obvious one being that I finally had some tools to help me and the other being I was also part of a community of writers.

I also discovered that my energy for writing was best focused in the mornings, before the rest of the family were up and needing attention. And with the writing happening every day, the motivation soon took care of itself.

So if you want to write, and maybe become published, the first step to take is to start that book. And find yourself a writing group, course or bootcamp to help you along the way.

My bootcamp mentor (the very wonderful Dr Yasmin Finch) said: ‘it takes a village to raise a child and the same applies to writing a book’. And it’s true…and it’s much more fun doing it with other writer types who ‘get’ it.