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Why use an editor?

Updated: Feb 23

There are lots of reasons, whether you are an author, blogger, send newsletters or emails to customers or have a website.

Anyone who writes something for others to read has to look professional. Errors in text and poorly structured writing cast doubt in your audience about your skills and authenticity. And if you are an author, it will distract your readers from enjoying your book. That is never what we want!

When you find a good editor they will help you...

  • Develop your plot and find plot holes

  • Check sentence structure and good old SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar)

  • Critique your work as a professional

It can be helpful to have friends read your book, but do so with caution. Unless they are professional editors themselves, they cannot give you the critique you really need and you could risk your friendship if they don’t like your book, and say so! So keep an open mind, accept any feedback gratefully, but accept that in order to grow as a writer, you need to get professional beta readers and hire an editor.

Editors also have another role to play that is REALLY important...

  • Support

  • Motivation

  • Encouragement

As an editor, half of my time is spent reassuring writers that their work is better than they think and to not despair when times get tough. Because they will. Developing good writing skills and habits is just like learning any other craft or trade: it takes time, determination and effort.

It is my job to provide constructive criticism to help my clients grow and develop, whilst also giving them feedback on what is excellent. With time, they’ll do more of the excellent and will better weather the stormy seas of putting their written work out there.

And there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a writer grow and develop and achieve the potential I saw in them when we first met.