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Hi all, I'm a children's author and novelist based in Perthshire, Scotland. After two decades in pharmacy, I retrained and worked with primary stage children who needed extra curricular support in literacy. Assessing, preparing and implementing individual learning programs to ensure each child achieved their potential and curricular goals.

Meanwhile, I had been secretly scribbling down plots, ideas and manuscripts. I eventually made the decision to try and get published and my first children's book came out in late 2016. Things moved pretty quickly after that. I was busy with events and my forth book was published in 2019. I then had to step away from writing, only managing a few events and keeping my social media presence going.

But now, I have my time back and I'm ready to get stuck into writing again. I have another children's picture book trilogy on its way and am currently working on an extremely neglected manuscript which will be my second novel, contemporary romance with a suspenseful edge. And it's because of this manuscript that I felt this was the perfect time to do Claire's course. I'm hoping to recharge my writing batteries and learn along the way... which knowing Claire, I will definitely achieve.

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Pauline Tait


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