Summer Writer's Motivation Bundle

It can be hard to make the time and find the focus through the summer months to work on your book. Taking part in a bundle of brilliant services at an unmissable price, bringing focus and purpose to your process, can help. 


This summer, we are offering a bundle of tools for you to apply to your book for instant results. 


Utilise the summer days, those fresh early mornings and long, languid evenings, to get that manuscript finished, polished or ready for you autumn goals. 


Once September hits, agents are busy with submissions again, authors are preparing for the Christmas rush and it all goes a bit crazy. Get ahead of the madness and use these few weeks over summer to calmly get yourself ready. 

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Colorful Books

Pace Your Novel Live Masterclass

On 10th August, NYN is hosting a live 90-minute masterclass on how to pace your novel to immerse your readers. 

We will cover:

  • The secrets to pacing so readers stay immersed

  • How to use our biggest asset (our words) to pace well

  • The importance of rising and falling action

  • Practical tips to apply to your books

usually £25pp

Write A Novel Intro Online Lesson

A pre-recorded masterclass on the absolute must know areas to consider before hitting publish or that submission button. 


With downloadable PDF guides to take away and use again and again. 

You will learn:

  • Why writing a novel is so hard

  • Mistakes we've all made and how to fix them

  • About plot beats and how to use them

  • Through practical worksheets

Open Book.
usually £39

1-1 Coaching

Work on exactly what you need to become the author you want to be.

What you will get:

  • Pre-session questionnaire so I can understand your goals

  • Sample of your current WIP

  • A deep dive into what your key development areas are

  • A one-page report on areas of focus

usually £75

All of that for a rather tasty £84

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