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Write a Novel

A not to be missed opportunity to fine tune your WIP, develop good writing habits based on sound knowledge, and have me, Claire Beesley, traditionally published novelist and writing coach, provide developmental feedback on your opening chapter.

The next course launches in September. Places up for grabs soon. 

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Readers will love

Working on a novel that you're not sure readers will love?
Struggling to know how to edit your book and where to start?
Feel like there are secrets to novel writing that you can't get to the bottom of?

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What you will get

  • A step-by-step guide on the key elements of novel writing to apply immediately to your work

  • One-to-one time with novelist and editor, Claire Beesley, who will guide you to transform your MS

  • Tools to help you delve deeper into character development and plot

  • Engaging, live lessons that will have you energised to get that WIP finished

  • Valuable feedback at the start and end of the process on your opening chapter

  • Finally having the secrets of writing synopses and blurbs revealed

What we cover

  • Learn the key components to good novel writing (structure, plotting, pace etc)

  • Develop believable characters and find out how to make their story compelling

  • Find out how to edit your book to prepare for publication or submissions

  • Gain confidence to tackle publishing in whatever form you decide to take

  • Find the resilience you need to keep going and make money in the long term

  • Learn about marketing your book to sell, and utilising PR with publicist Isabelle Knight

Six weeks of live online lessons every Monday, followed by a live Q&A sessions on Thursday. We will guide you through the industry's best kept secrets all new writers need to know. 

Homework is set each week, so you'll need to allow time to complete this during the week between the lesson and the Q&A. Feedback is provided on each activity you are set each week and is a critical component of the course. 

Week one you also get a half-hour 1-1 with me where I provide initial feedback on your key development areas for your opening chapter. 

Two Levels...

  • Six-weeks of brilliant live lessons

  • Six-weeks of incredible content

  • Half-hour 1-1 first week

  • 12 assignments

  • Personalised feedback on all assignments

  • Access to me through the private group

  • Everything in standard, plus...

  • Two 90-minute coaching sessions (weeks 1 and 6)

  • A full editorial review and report on your opening chapter

  • Edit of your synopsis and blurb

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Write a Novel is a 6-week online course, with a live lesson every Tuesday, live Q&A every Thursday, lesson plans, downloads, access to me  and a secret group area just for you guys to chat, learn, and ask all the burning questions you like!

This is an intensive course, designed to give you the maximum amount of info to apply to your manuscript, with time to try stuff out, then chat about what is working and what you're finding tricky. And you get input from an experienced novelist, editor and coach with over 15 years experience. 


Who this course is, and who it is not for

Go ahead and book if you are:

  • Serious about writing and making a commitment to your author career

  • Ready to be authentic and vulnerable

  • Prepared to put in the work and take full responsibility for your manuscript

  • Feel nervous about doing a course (that's normal)

  • Are worried your book is no good*

This is not for you if you are:

  • Not really sure about authoring as a career

  • Not ready to share your work

  • Looking for someone to do it all for you, which might look like rushing, putting things off, or not turning up

  • Telling yourself you can't afford it

*writers who look at doing courses and worry their work is rubbish are not usually the ones whose work is no good. The fact you're already here, looking at ways to improve, means you're already in the seeking mindset. Brilliant!